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Two new acylated flavanone glycosides, (S)-eriodictyol 7-O-(6"-O-trans-p-coumaroyl)-beta-D-glucopyranoside (1) and (S)-eriodictyol 7-O-(6"-O-galloyl)-beta-D-glucopyranoside (2) were isolated from the leaves and branches of Phyllanthus emblica together with a new phenolic glycoside, 2-(2-methylbutyryl)phloroglucinol(More)
A case of colorectal cancer in a 60-year-old man became resectable after downstaging was achieved with mFOLFOX 6 for multiple liver metastases from colorectal cancer. The patient received 8 cycles of mFOLFOX 6 on the basis of a diagnosis of multiple liver metastases in the right and left lobes and a single metastasis in the right lung. After chemotherapy,(More)
Whole-body periodic acceleration (WBPA) has been developed as a passive exercise device capable of improving endothelial function by applying pulsatile shear stress to vascular endothelium. We hypothesized that treatment with WBPA improves exercise capacity, myocardial ischemia, and left ventricular (LV) function because of increased coronary and peripheral(More)
A time-domain epsilon-filter (TD epsilon-filter) is a nonlinear filter that can reduce noise while preserving a signal that varies drastically, such as a speech signal. Although the filter design is simple, it can effectively reduce noise. It is applicable not only to stationary noise but also to nonstationary noise. It cannot, however, be applied when the(More)
epsilon-filter can reduce most kinds of noise from a single-channel noisy signal while preserving signals that vary drastically such as speech signals. It can reduce not only stationary noise but also nonstationary noise. However, it has some parameters whose values are set empirically. So far, there have been few studies to evaluate the appropriateness of(More)
This paper introduces internal noise reduction combining microphones and a piezoelectric device attached to the internal noise source under blind condition. An acoustical array combining microphones and piezoelectric devices is an acoustical sensor fusion to reduce the internal noise coming from the inside of the system such as machines, vehicles or robots.(More)
1 Norihiro Fujii, Computer and Information Sciences Hosei University, 3-7-2 Kajino-cho Koganei-shi Tokyo, 184-8584, Japan, i02t9013@k.hosei.ac.jp 2 Atsutoshi Imai, Computer and Information Sciences Hosei University, Japan, i02t9003@k.hosei.ac.jp 3 Tomomi Abe, Computer and Information Sciences Hosei University, Japan, i02t9001@k.hosei.ac.jp 4 Niki Suzuta,(More)