Tomomi Abe

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Two new acylated flavanone glycosides, (S)-eriodictyol 7-O-(6"-O-trans-p-coumaroyl)-beta-D-glucopyranoside (1) and (S)-eriodictyol 7-O-(6"-O-galloyl)-beta-D-glucopyranoside (2) were isolated from the leaves and branches of Phyllanthus emblica together with a new phenolic glycoside, 2-(2-methylbutyryl)phloroglucinol(More)
We propose a new top-down eLearning tool for hardware logic design course using the cellular method, where students can keep focusing on their primary interests to achieve complex logic circuits design successfully. At a modern logic design classroom, hardware description languages such as VerilogHDL are mostly used to describe circuits for FPGAs (Field(More)
epsilon-filter can reduce most kinds of noise from a single-channel noisy signal while preserving signals that vary drastically such as speech signals. It can reduce not only stationary noise but also nonstationary noise. However, it has some parameters whose values are set empirically. So far, there have been few studies to evaluate the appropriateness of(More)
This paper introduces internal noise reduction combining microphones and a piezoelectric device attached to the internal noise source under blind condition. An acoustical array combining microphones and piezoelectric devices is an acoustical sensor fusion to reduce the internal noise coming from the inside of the system such as machines, vehicles or robots.(More)
Navigator tools for the top-down learning system are developed. The top down education is a type of goal-oriented education. The present education is generally conducted bottom-up, from basics to applications, and hence learners have to spend a lot of time before reaching the goal to lose their interest. In the top-down education, since they start from(More)
This paper introduces noise reduction combining time-frequency epsilon-filter (TF epsilon-filter) and time-frequency M-transform (TF M-transform). Musical noise is an offensive noise generated due to noise reduction in the time-frequency domain such as spectral subtraction and TF epsilon-filter. It has a deleterious effect on speech recognition. To solve(More)
Impedance scaling technique is known as a method to reduce chip area of large capacitances for low frequency integrated filters. The conventional technique realizes only grounded low impedance components. This paper proposes a construction of a floating-type impedance scaling circuit. The proposed circuit can be applied to various low frequency analog(More)
A time-frequency epsilon-filter (TF epsilon-filter) is an advanced epsilon-filter applied to complex spectra along the time axis. It can reduce most kinds of noise while preserving a signal that varies frequently such as a speech signal. The filter design is simple and it can effectively reduce noise. It is applicable not only to small amplitude stationary(More)