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The present study examined whether color spreading and illusory contours in the neon color spreading effect of Ehrenstein figures are governed by different mechanisms. In the experiment, Ehrenstein figures with colored crosses inserted in the central gaps were used. There were three luminance conditions: the luminance of the Ehrenstein figures was lower(More)
— In this paper, we propose a novel kernel computation algorithm between time-series human motion data for online action recognition. The proposed kernel is based on probabilistic models called switching linear dynamics (SLDs). SLD is one of the powerful tools for tracking, analyzing and classifying human complex time-series motion. The proposed kernel(More)
It has been argued whether the facial expression is recognized categorically or dimensionally. We investigated this issue using three sets of morphed photographic facial images (happiness to anger, surprise, and sadness). Our interest is whether the experimental data of categorical perception can be explained by the dimensional point of view. Experiment 1(More)