Tomoko Yokokawa

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Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome is now a very serious health problem in Japan and a public preventive strategy is essential to reduce morbidity. A systematic interventional strategy for the metabolic syndrome remains to be established. In order to address this issue, a multi-center study; Japanese Study to Organize Proper lifestyle modification for the(More)
The aim of this study was to examine whether additional repeated counselling further improves the health effects of limited, highly individualized lifestyle guidance in metabolic syndrome. One hundred and nine previously untreated metabolic syndrome patients received highly standardized and individualized lifestyle guidance for weight loss. A tentative goal(More)
The general theory of consistent sampling by Unser and Aldroubi is applied to reconstruction of color images from their non-ideally observed data through Bayer and honeycomb color filter arrays. An image is assumed to be represented by bivariate box splines over the orthogonal or hexagonal mesh for the case of Bayer or honeycomb arrays, respectively. Then(More)
The effects of visual and auditory relevant feedback on human forearm movements elicited by random position signal sequences were examined. Forearm movements were performed with four feedback conditions. We observed the reaction time, the holding time, and the adjustment error sequences when the arm moved briskly and accurately to the target position. As(More)
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