Tomoko Yamasaki

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The WRKY proteins comprise a major family of transcription factors that are essential in pathogen and salicylic acid responses of higher plants as well as a variety of plant-specific reactions. They share a DNA binding domain, designated as the WRKY domain, which contains an invariant WRKYGQK sequence and a CX4-5CX22-23HXH zinc binding motif. Herein, we(More)
Special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1 (SATB1) regulates gene expression essential in immune T-cell maturation and switching of fetal globin species, by binding to matrix attachment regions (MARs) of DNA and inducing a local chromatin remodeling. Previously we have revealed a five-helix structure of the N-terminal CUT domain, which is essentially the(More)
We conducted a pilot study to assess the feasibility and efficacy of immunotherapy for stage IV malignant melanoma patients resistant to conventional therapies involving vaccination with mature dendritic cells (mDCs) combined with administration of low dose interleukin-2. Autologous monocytes were harvested from a single apheresis and cultured for 7 days(More)
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