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The effects of polyethylene glycol and dimethyl sulfoxide (PEG/DMSO) treatment of donor cells on the fusion and subsequent development of bovine nuclear transfer embryos using mammary gland epithelial (MGE) cells before electrofusion (fresh MGE cells) was studied. The same study was conducted on those cells that were frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen,(More)
A new method for the catalytic C-H arylation of heteroarenes and arenes that manifests high activity paired with reasonably broad scope was developed. Under the catalytic influence of RhCl(CO){P[OCH(CF3)2]3}2 and Ag2CO3, the direct C-H arylation of heteroarenes/arenes with aryl/heteroaryl iodides took place to afford a range of biaryls in good to excellent(More)
Clostridium tyrobutyricum is a gram-positive spore-forming anaerobe that is considered as the main causative agent for late blowing in cheese due to butyric acid fermentation. In this study, multilocus variable-number of tandem repeat (VNTR) analysis (MLVA) for C. tyrobutyricum was developed to identify the source of contamination by C. tyrobutyricum spores(More)
A new copper-mediated cross-coupling of arenes and arylboronic acids is described. Under the influence of Cu(OCOCF 3) 2, the C-H bond arylation of electron-rich arenes with arylboronic acids takes place to afford a range of biaryls in good yields. The reaction is selective for cross-coupling; no homocoupling product arising from arenes or arylboronic acids(More)
Equine babesiosis caused by Babesia equi and B. caballi is present in most Asian countries including China. At present, Japan is free from these parasites, but risks of their invasion are unavoidable in the international trade of horses. Intraerythrocytic B. equi merozoites express an immunodominant 30 kDa surface protein (EMA-1, Kapprmeyer et al., 1993),(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous droperidol has strong evidence for antiemetic efficacy in high risk patients for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV). However it is not clear whether continuous epidural administration of doroperidol prevent PONV. It has been reported that epidural adrenaline decreases PONV; therefore we prospectively compared the(More)
Organocatalytic enantioselective cycloadditions providing nitrogen-substituted dihydropyran-2-ones were developed in two catalytic systems. The (3R,4R)-product was a versatile intermediate in the synthesis of 1beta-methylcarbapenem antibiotics.
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