Tomoko Sato

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I h,25-DihydroxyvitaminD3(a,25(OH)2D3) converted in the liver from lax-hydroxyvitamin D3(ho(OH)D3) (Fukushima et al., 1975) has been known to function in target tissues in binding to a specific cytosol receptor and transportation to the nucleus (Brumbaugh & Haussler, 1975). Although it has been reported that the growth of some tumour cells is inhibited in(More)
Dear Sir, Endoscopic resection of mucosal lesions has become a common practice for early stage gastrointestinal neoplasms [1, 2]. Consequently, endoscopically resected mucosal lesions are increasingly examined in pathology laboratories. The success of the endoscopic management of such neoplasms heavily depends on the precise and complete histological(More)
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