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(a) Dear Editor, Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa (CPN) is a rare variant of polyarteritis nodosa that is limited primarily to the skin. Skin manifestations of CPN commonly appear as livedo racemosa, tender subcutaneous nodules or cutaneous ulceration. Small tender nodules, with or without livedo racemosa, are usually the first manifestations of CPN.(More)
Angioedema is a variant of urticaria that causes deep dermal and subcutaneous swelling. It frequently is a unilateral reaction and usually lasts for several hours but may persist for several days. We report 2 cases of angioedema that involved the right upper and lower eyelids and was associated with congestion of the right bulbar conjunctiva; the symptoms(More)
We report the case of a Japanese patient with PCWH, a neurological variant of Waardenburg type 4. Direct sequencing of the genomic DNA obtained from peripheral leukocytes revealed the p.Q377X nonsense mutation in the SOX10 gene. The patient had mottled hypopigmented macules on the trunk since birth; such macules have not been described previously. The(More)
Previous researchers have determined that 90 degrees of knee flexion is an appropriate angle to condition the internal tibial rotators. Because the majority of internal tibial rotators are two-joint muscles crossing both the knee and the hip, the influence of the hip angle on the generation of rotary torque was examined. The purpose of this study was to(More)
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