Tomoko Nagasawa

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In this article we explore the development of group homes for elders with dementia in Japan since the inception of the long-term care insurance program in 2000. We suggest that the combination of demographic and policy trends in recent years have created a context in which entrepreneurial activities related to elder care have increased significantly. By(More)
Nitrogen (N) management strategies for reducing the risk of groundwater contamination around agricultural fields require precise prediction of N leaching using a process-based model. We modified LEACHM model for use in Andosols, which are characterized by slow soil organic carbon (SOC) mineralization and nitrate adsorption. The modification was made with(More)
The quality of the sacred "temizu" water in shrines in Kyoto was surveyed. It was found that the sources of "temizu" were the municipal water supply or domestic wells and that the "temizu" was usually used for washing the hands and mouth, while in certain shrines it was drunk as well. Of 50 visitors responding to questions, 26 persons said that they drank(More)
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