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The inhibitory activity of six groups of flavonoids against yeast and rat small intestinal alpha-glucosidases and porcine pancreatic alpha-amylase was compared, and chemical structures of flavonoids responsible for the inhibitory activity were evaluated. Yeast alpha-glucosidase was potently inhibited by the anthocyanidin, isoflavone and flavonol groups with(More)
Trastuzumab is used for patients with metastatic breast cancer of HER2 over expression and adjuvant chemotherapy. Trastuzumab is recognized as a medicine with few adverse effects, although infusion reaction at its first dosage appears in high frequency as a main adverse effect. However, because we realized that there were many patients who appeared to have(More)
The chemotherapy treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma(NHL)is associated with an increased risk of infection because of the intensity of the treatment. We examined the frequency of herpes zoster infections in 170 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients who had completed a chemotherapy course. Furthermore, we examined the risk factors contributing to these infections.(More)
A 51-year-old male was referred to our hospital with complaints of chest and back pain. He was diagnosed as primary gastric lymphoma after medical examination. Because of a spreading of the lesion and his poor condition, we concluded that a curative operation would be impossible, and used VEPA therapy as combination chemotherapy. After three cycles of VEPA(More)
 In recent years, hospitals have routinely implemented antimicrobial stewardship (AS) programs, and it is important that these programs are effective. Consequently, we utilized a customized computer system to support infection management and implemented a pharmacist-driven AS program in our hospital. Using this computer system, a pharmacist monitored the(More)
Hospice ward at Matsuyama Bethel Hospital opened in April 2000. The hospice care has been provided for inpatients and outpatients. We considered a system that should be established to allow patients and their families to choose from in-hospital care, outpatient care and home care. The hospice consultation for outpatients opened in April 2004. The terminal(More)
Patients prescribed liposomal-amphotericin B (LAMB) frequently require supplemental potassium to prevent hypokalemia. The aim of this retrospective study was to examine the appropriate potassium supplementation conditions to treat hypokalemia induced by LAMB. The subjects were 100 hematological patients who received LAMB for the first time between April(More)
A modified diet in renal disease (MDRD), a formula to estimate glomerular filtration rate (GFR), was proposed by Levey in 2006. In this study, we compared the dosage of carboplatin (CBDCA) calculated using MDRD with that calculated by conservative creatinine clearance (Ccr), and investigated the actual dosage given and the incidence of its adverse effects.(More)
We must understand the conditions during the onset of allergic reactions induced by anticancer drugs in order to respond with an appropriate treatment. We have therefore conducted this study, focusing on allergic reactions induced by each anticancer drug used in outpatient chemotherapy. Allergic reactions occurred in a total of 3.9% (76 cases), most of(More)
We evaluated the association between the number of treatment courses with the concomitant use of bevacizumab(BV) and the reasons for discontinuation of the regimen in patients who received FOLFOX with or without BV as first-line chemotherapy and FOLFIRI with or without BV as second-line chemotherapy for advanced and recurrent colorectal cancer. In(More)
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