Tomoko Matsuda

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Previous studies of perforin expression and cytokine production in subsets of peripheral human CD45RA(-)CD8(+) T cells with different CD28/CD27 phenotypes showed that CD28(+)CD45RA(-)CD8(+) and CD27(+)CD45RA(-)CD8(+) T cells have characteristics of memory T cells, whereas CD28(-)CD45RA(-)CD8(+) and CD27(-)CD45RA(-)CD8(+) T cells have characteristics of both(More)
Low-intensity electrical current (or mild electrical stimulation; MES) influences signal transduction and activates phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K)/Akt pathway. Because insulin resistance is characterized by a marked reduction in insulin-stimulated PI3K-mediated activation of Akt, we asked whether MES could increase Akt phosphorylation and ameliorate(More)
Flagellin is a key component of the flagella of many pathogens, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Flagellin is an attractive vaccine candidate because it is readily produced and manipulated as a recombinant protein and has intrinsic adjuvant activity mediated through TLR5. Although DNA vaccines encoding native Pseudomonas B-type (FliC) or A-type (FlaA)(More)
To investigate the mechanism of arterial pressure (AP) regulation during hypergravity, the AP response to gravitational force was examined in conscious rats and the AP was found to increase, depending on the degree of gravity load induced by centrifugation. At 20 s after application of 2, 3, or 5 G, the AP increased by 9+/-2, 20+/-3, or 24+/-3 mm Hg,(More)
The spider mite sub-family Tetranychinae includes many agricultural pests. The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of nuclear ribosomal RNA genes and the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene of mitochondrial DNA have been used for species identification and phylogenetic reconstruction within the sub-family Tetranychinae, although they have not(More)
The gene encoding acetophenone reductase (APRD), a useful biocatalyst for producing optically pure alcohols, was cloned from the cDNA of Geotrichum candidum NBRC 4597. The gene contained an open reading frame that consisted of 1,029 nucleotides corresponding to 342 amino acid residues. The subunit molecular weight was calculated to be 36.7 kDa. The(More)
The present study was undertaken to investigate the antagonistic effects of the methanolic extract of Polygala telephioides (PT) on morphine responses in mice. Single administration of PT tended to antagonize the morphine-induced analgesia in a hot-plate test. Moreover, PT (300 mg/kg, p.o.) improved the morphine-induced memory impairment in an elevated plus(More)
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