Tomoko Koike

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The nervous system is highly sensitive to various environmental stresses, such as ischemia. Stress response mechanisms that result in neuroprotection, including the induction of heat shock proteins (HSP), are not well understood. We examined the effect of KNK437, a compound that inhibits the synthesis of inducible heat shock proteins, on neuronal(More)
Nanoshells are useful in near-infrared (NIR) applications because of the red shift of the Mie resonance into NIR. Silica/gold/silver nanoshells were prepared via gold anchoring and characterized by Mie-theoretical calculations and transmission electron microscopy, which indicated a broad and enhanced NIR absorption and a partially coated, mottled Ag/Au(More)
Highly useful C-C bond formation using 2-ethoxy-3-(phenylseleno)prop-2-enal acetal 2 was examined with various Lewis acids. The reaction of 2 with the silyl enol ether in the presence of BF(3)*Et2O, ZnBr2, or SnBr4 regioselectively provided (Z)-3,4-diethoxy-5-(phenylseleno)pent-4-enophenone 5a in high yields. On the other hand, the reaction with other Lewis(More)
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