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Isolated gallbladders of both hamsters and mice showed a contractile response consisting of initial and secondary contractile responses to electrical stimulation with rectangular pulses (50 volt, 40 Hz) of 6 msec duration for a period of 10 seconds. The duration time of the contractile response was very long. This was because the duration time of the(More)
We first carried out microscopic observation of the intramural nerves of hamster and mouse gallbladders which were fixed and stained with a solution of OsO4 and ZnI2. For this microscopic observation, the guinea-pig gallbladder was used as a control. We then investigated the relationship between the motility and intramural nerves of the isolated gallbladder(More)
The influence of taurine on neutrophil phagocytic and bactericidal capacities and lysosomal enzyme-releasing ability was evaluated in the present study using neutrophils obtained from casein-elicited rat peritoneal exudates. Taurine was dissolved in drinking water at a concentration of 0.3%, and the solution was given to rats for 1-21 days (460 mg/kg/day).(More)
In dietary hyperlipidemic rats, an increase in serum lipid level may cause an increase in membrane lipid level of the neutrophils, and phagocytosis and bactericidal capacity may be thereby lowered. Treatment with taurine (470 mg/kg/day, p.o.) strengthened the bactericidal capacity of neutrophils which was decreased by cholesterol diet feeding, as the(More)
Changed vascular functions have been reported in several pathological conditions, such as chronic regional pain syndrome, obstructive vascular disease, and inflammation. Our previous experiments also showed that electrical stimulation of the lumbar sympathetic trunk (sympathetic stimulation: SS), which normally induces a decrease in blood flow (BF), caused(More)
Authors observed the mechanical response of the tracheal muscle to electrical stimulation using only one transverse strip preparation of isolated guinea-pig trachea, 4-5 mm in width, which included only one tracheal muscle strip. The effects of various pharmacological agents on these responses were also investigated. A biphasic response which is a(More)
We first carried out microscopic observation of the intramural nerves of a bullfrog gallbladder which were fixed and stained with a solution of OsO4 and ZnI2. We then investigated if the responses of isolated frog gallbladder evoked by electrical stimulation are mediated through the intramural nerves. The following results were obtained: 1. The nerve plexus(More)
The present study was undertaken to investigate the effects of aminobenzyl penicillin (AB-PC), methylchlorophenyl isoxazolyl penicillin (MCI-PC), and 6-aminopenicillanic acid (6-APA) on the contractile response of guinea-pig urinary bladder. AB-PC, MCI-PC, and 6-APA, respectively, diminished the intramural electrical stimulation-induced contractile(More)