Tomoko Kodama

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We studied polymorphisms of mitochondrial DNA 5178cytosine/adenine (mt5178C/A) and angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) genes (DCP1) in 127 cerebrovascular disorder (CVD) patients and 294 age-matched normal controls to clarify the genetic background of Japanese patients with CVD. Mt5178C was predominant in CVD patients compared with controls (P<0.01). The(More)
BACKGROUND Japan has experienced two large changes which affect the supply and distribution of physicians. They are increases in medical school enrollment capacity and in the proportion of female physicians. The purpose of this study is to estimate the future supply of physicians by specialty and to predict the associated impact of increased female(More)
We have conducted annual health checkup surveys of elderly subjects aged 60 years or older in a remote island of southwestern Japan. After excluding patients with neurological diseases and the subjects who needed help in activities of daily living, a cross-sectional analysis of the data obtained from 348 elderly people aged 60-89 years was made. We examined(More)
BACKGROUND In Japan, physicians freely choose their specialty and workplace, because to date there is no management system to ensure a balanced distribution of physicians. Physicians in Japan start their careers in hospitals, then become specialists, and then gradually leave hospitals to work in private clinics and take on primary care roles in their(More)
Recently a survey of HTLV-1 carrier in Japan has been done based on the positivity of Red Cross blood donors, and demonstrated that HTLV-1 carriers are not reduced and diffused from southwestern endemic areas to central metropolitan cities in Japan. The last nationwide survey of HAM/ TSP has been conducted in 1994 and reported 1103 cases of definite HAM/TSP(More)
BACKGROUND Physicians who serve as public health specialists at public health centers and health departments in local or central government have significant roles because of their public health expertise. The aim of this study is to analyze the retention and career paths of such specialists in Japan. METHOD We analyzed the data of seven consecutive(More)
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