Tomoko Isomura

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Here we report that structural changes in gonadal basement membranes during sex differentiation in the frog Rana rugosa are revealed using an antibody to its laminin component. Immunohistochemical staining indicated that the first sexual dimorphism appeared in testicular cords and ovarian cavities in differentiating gonads of tadpoles at St. 25-3W, three(More)
In certain species of amphibians gonadal differentiation is influenced by steroid hormones. In the case of the frog Rana rugosa testosterone given to tadpoles reverses sex from female to male, while the opposite reversal - male to female - can be achieved using estradiol-17β. In this study, we investigated whether CYP19 (P450 aromatase), the enzyme(More)
Some of the difficulties in treating second and third generation Japanese immigrant families are reviewed. An authoritarian, rather concrete approach to symptom relief is expected by, and is effective in, some families. The emphasis placed on academic achievement may lead to particular problems and misunderstandings. Two case examples of very different(More)
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