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BYU-BYU-View is a novel interface realized with the symbiosis of the input/output of wind and the computer graphics. "BYU-BYU" is a japanese onomatopoeia for a howling wind. It adds a new element, that is, "wind", to the direct interaction with a user and a virtual environment, and the communication through a network, by integrating the graphic presentation(More)
Malignant mesothelioma predominantly arises from the serosal surfaces of the pleural or peritoneal cavity. There is currently no effective standard treatment for meso-thelioma and the prognosis for patients is poor; the majority of patients with malignant mesothelioma succumb between 12 and 17 months following diagnosis. The association of all forms of(More)
Infiltrating angiolipoma (IAL) is a rare lesion and is a clinicopathological variant of angiolipoma. IAL occurs most commonly in the trunk and extremi ties, it is rarely found in the head and neck regions and extremely rare in the oral cavity. This study presents the case of a 74‑year‑old female with IAL of the lower lip. To the best of our knowledge, this(More)
In this paper, we describe a high speed optical motion capture method that has a simple mechanism. We use a light shielding filter using a pattern of Single-Track Gray Code (STGC) [1] absolute encoder to take location of IR light marker tags instead of high-speed camera or row of binary coded masks. Therefore, this system can convert the position coordinate(More)
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