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Myosin V is an unconventional myosin thought to move processively along actin filaments. To have hard evidence for the high processivity, we sought to observe directly the movement by individual native chick brain myosin V (BMV) molecules with fluorescent calmodulin. Single BMV molecules did exhibit highly processive movement along actin filaments fixed to(More)
We have attempted to link the solution actomyosin ATPase with the mechanical properties of in vitro actin filament sliding over heavy meromyosin. To accomplish this we perturbed the system by altering the substrate with various NTPs and divalent cations, and by altering ionic strength. A wide variety of enzymatic and mechanical measurements were made under(More)
We measured the shelter effect of model windbreaks in a wind tunnel before and after adjustment thinning based on methods for managing overcrowded windbreaks. One of the aims of this experiment was to determine whether or not the actual thinning done on an actual windbreak would sustain the shelter effect. The shelter effects were evaluated based on the(More)
To estimate net ecosystem production (NEP), ecosystem respiration (R E), and gross primary production (GPP), and to elucidate the interannual variability of NEP in a cool temperate broadleaf deciduous forest in Sapporo, northern Japan, we measured net ecosystem exchange (NEE) using an eddy covariance technique with a closed-path infrared gas analyzer from(More)
Sediment hield caused by hydraulic agents is believed to be one of the most important geomorphic processes in headwaters. Observations of shallow groundwater levels and suspended sediment yield were used to develop relationships between subsurface discharge and sediment movement in a valley head of a small forested watershed in Hokkaido, northern Japan.(More)
In Japan, coastal forests have been constructed along the seashore to prevent houses and fields from disasters caused by strong winds. A management method needs to be established to regulate the stand density. There is also the possibility that wind speed will increase in the future because of the increasing strength of tropical cyclones caused by climate(More)
s from the Journal of Japanese Forestry Society J For Res (2005) 10:79–82 © The Japanese Forest Society and Springer-Verlag Tokyo 2005 DOI 10.1007/s10310-004-0127-6 The original papers appeared in the Journal of Japanese Forestry Society vol. 86, no. 3 in Japanese with English abstracts with a 67-cm depth installed on bedrock, and up to 0.35 in a well with(More)
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