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A New Species of Eubostrychoceras (Ammonoidea, Nostoceratidae) from the Lower Campanian in the Northwestern Pacific Realm
Abstract. A new species of heteromorph ammonoid Eubostrychoceras valdelaxum sp. nov. is described from the Platyceramus japonicus Zone (the lowermost Campanian) of the Haboro and Mikasa areas inExpand
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Implication of peculiar internal fracturing in fossil nautiloids
Extinct Miocene nautiloidAturia cubaensisfrom Uchiura Group (Fukui Prefecture) shows internal septa fragmentation though the outer wall is intact. Similar broken nautiloids fossils with intact outerExpand
A New Species of Yezoceras (Ammonoidea, Nostoceratidae) from the Coniacian in the Northwestern Pacific Realm
Abstract. A nostoceratid ammonoid Yezoceras elegans sp. nov. is newly described from the Coniacian of the Haboro area in Hokkaido, northern Japan. Yezoceras elegans sp. nov. having loosely coiledExpand