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The central axon of a primary afferent neuron that responded to indentation of the glabrous skin of the lower lip in a slowly adapting fashion was intra-axonally injected with horseradish peroxidase. The labeled terminal within the subnucleus oralis was examined electron microscopically. The labeled ending had a pale axoplasm and contained clear spherical(More)
We aimed to determine an optimal protocol for inducing a focal inflammatory lesion within the rat brain that could be large enough for an easier MRI monitoring while still relevant as a multiple sclerosis (MS) like lesion. We adapted a two-hit model based on pre-sensitization of the Lewis rat with myelin oligodendrocyte protein (MOG) followed by stereotaxic(More)
Location of the motoneurons supplying the tensor veli palatini muscle of the rabbit was examined with the retrograde labeling technique following intramuscular injection of HRP. Labeled motoneurons were ipsilaterally located in the ventral or ventromedial portion of the rostral two-thirds of the motor trigeminal nucleus at the level of about 6.0 to 8.5 mm(More)
The locations of motoneurons (MNs) supplying the rat hypobranchial muscles (lingual, geniohyoid, and infrahyoid) and the peripheral courses of axons of these MNs were investigated by using a method of HRP injection into the hypoglossal nerve or these muscles in combination with severing of the hypoglossal and/or cervical components of the plexus(More)
The peripheral course of axons of rat lingual motoneurons was studied by HRP injection into the hypoglossal nerve in combination with transecting of the hypoglossal and/or cervical nerve components of the hypoglossocervical plexus. Furthermore, soma sizes of labeled lingual motoneurons were compared in transverse section with those of labeled geniohyoid and(More)
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