Tomokazu Kanetoh

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We administered prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) or anti-PrRP antiserum to goldfish in fresh water and analyzed their effects on prolactin and osmoregulatory mechanisms. The pituitary mRNA level of prolactin increased by PrRP but decreased by anti-PrRP. The rate of water inflow in the gills decreased by PrRP and increased by anti-PrRP, showing that PrRP(More)
Neuropeptide FF, one of the mammalian PQRFamides, has been reported to affect the latency of the tail-flick response in rat. We intended to examine the nociceptive effect by the peptide PQRFamides from the comparative aspect. Using the dot immunoblot method with antiserum to FMRFamide as an assay system, a peptide (frog's nociception-related peptide, fNRP)(More)
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