Tomokazu Ishikawa

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A scalable codec has been constructed by using transform coding and the basic modules for scalable encoder and decoder. It allows users to choose a variety of scalable configrations in the frequency domain. The basic module is a quantizer that can quantize MDCT (Modified DCT)[1] coefficients transformed from a variety of frequency regions. This module(More)
The low specificity of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) for early detection of prostate cancer (PCa) is a major issue worldwide. The aim of this study to examine whether the serum PCa-associated α2,3-linked sialyl N-glycan-carrying PSA (S2,3PSA) ratio measured by automated micro-total immunoassay systems (μTAS system) can be applied as a diagnostic(More)
In the field of Computer Graphics (CG), applications such as movies and games benefit from realistic visualizations of atmospheric phenomena because realistic visualizations increase applications' attractiveness. Among the atmospheric phenomena, auroras are some of the most beautiful phenomena, which makes their visualization highly desirable for such(More)
Glazed frost is a crystal clear ice and formed from supercooled raindrops that freeze when they hit object surfaces such as the ground and branches of trees. Simulation methods for formation of ice crystal, such as frost, on the surface of objects have been proposed by Kim et al. [Kim et al. 2004]. However, a supercooling state has to be considered for(More)
BACKGROUND Irinotecan, an inhibitor of topoisomerase I, has been widely used as an important anti-cancer therapeutic drug. Deleterious effects of the drug in hypersensitive patients are known to be associated with genetic polymorphisms of the UGT1A1 gene, namely the polymorphic variants, *28 and *6. METHODS A modified form of loop-hybrid mobility shift(More)
BACKGROUND The loop-hybrid mobility shift assay (LH-MSA) was previously developed for the rapid detection of the EGFR mutation L858R for predicting clinical responses to gefitinib in lung cancer. Recently, clinical importance of determining KRAS mutations has been demonstrated in colorectal tumors as tumors harboring mutated KRAS genes were not responsive(More)
In this paper, we focus on simulation of magnetic fluids. Magnetic fluids behave as both fluids and as magnetic bodies, and these characteristics allow them to generate ‘spike-like’ shapes along a magnetic field. Magnetic fluids are popular materials for use in works of art. Our goal is to simulate such works of art. In the field of electromagnetic(More)
Polymorphic CAG repeats in the human androgen receptor gene (HUMARA), located at Xq12, have been used as a highly informative genetic marker for human female tumor cells. Because of the random inactivation of one X chromosome, the heavily methylated state of one of the heterozygous alleles provides a useful tool, together with methylation-sensitive(More)
In the physical field, several simulation methods for magnetic fluids had been proposed to analyze magnetic fluids' behavior. However, from their results, we estimate that it is difficult to simulate the spike shapes using only fully physically-based methods. Therefore in our previous work, we proposed the method which synthesizes the spike shapes by(More)