Tomokazu Inagaki

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A 48-year-old woman with late infantile onset mental retardation developed megacolon. Although the patient had no typical clinical features of Hirschsprung disease-mental retardation syndrome, a new 3-base pair deletion, eliminating an Asn, was identified in the responsible gene ZFHX1B. This suggests that screening for ZFHX1B mutations is warranted even in(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) patients must be hospitalized while the smear of sputum is positive because TB spreads through air. Cooperation of a patient is important in order to complete the treatment of TB. However, a small number of patients are noncooperative for the treatment and may sometimes refuse it. At this symposium, we discussed about whether we could(More)
Introduction Our hospital is a tertiary 1000-bed hospital. In 2011, rapid response system (RRS) was introduced in the hospital. Our rapid response team (RRT) includes critical care physicians, critical care nurses and physical therapists. Usually, team members are working at ICU. They also provides respiratory care or critical care interventions to the(More)
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