Tomohito Kizu

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A redox neutral, highly enantioselective coupling between N-arylaminomethanes and N-sulfonyl aldimines was developed by harnessing the efficient catalysis of P-spiro chiral arylaminophosphonium barfate and a transition-metal photosensitizer under visible light irradiation. This mode of synergistic catalysis provides a powerful strategy for controlling the(More)
Highly enantioselective protonation of α-halo and alkoxy carboxylic acid-derived ketene disilyl acetals is achieved by using P-spiro chiral diaminodioxaphosphonium barfate as a Brønsted acid catalyst, where the enantiofacial discrimination by the catalyst mainly stems from the recognition of the electronic difference between two substituents on the ketene(More)
A catalytic cycle initiated by the oxidative quenching of the excited photosensitizer (Ir*(ppy)3) is established for the enantioselective coupling between (N-arylamino)methanes and (N-methanesulfonyl)aldimines catalyzed by Ir-based photosensitizer and a chiral (arylamino)phosphonium tetrakis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borate under visible light(More)
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