Tomohito Funada

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Electrostatic interactions between an ESIPT molecule 2-(5'-amino-2'-hydroxyphenyl)benzothiazole (AHBT) and a phenylborate derivative give blue-green emission in acetic acid solution, but interestingly, vigorous (or mechanical) shaking of the solution leads to the formation of organic AHBT nanoparticles, which results in fluorescence colour switching from(More)
In tracing the biological processes using fluorescent probes, it is desirable to shift the excitation/emission energy to a far-red/near-infrared (FR/NIR) region. In this study, we successfully synthesize FR fluorescent organic nanoparticles via ion-association between the malachite green (MG) cations and tetrakis(4-fluorophenyl)borate (TFPB) anions in the(More)
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