Tomohisa Shimokobe

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We have studied 35 patients (25 female and 10 male) with low-back pain who were managed with aquatic exercises after an appropriate period of treatment for their condition in the medical institution. The exercises employed consisted of strengthening exercises for the abdominal, gluteal, and leg muscles, stretching of the back, hip, hamstrings, and calf(More)
We report 4 cases of patellar fracture with skin injury over the patella which were treated operatively immediately after onset with a new reduction technique using Ilizarov pins. This technique made it possible to perform early operative treatment even in the cases with skin injury over the patella which prevents conventional surgical approach.
Stress fractures of the tarsal navicular bone are rare injury and assessing its healing is difficult. Tenderness over the tarsal navicular on physical examination is the most reliable sign for assessing fracture healing. However, it is desirable to assess fracture healing with some imaging method. We used serial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess(More)
METHODS Subjects were 239 patients with colorectal cancer who underwent curative resection surgery from December 1994 to March 1997(Stage I-III b). The patients were given 5'-DFUR for postoperative 10 months as scheduled. They had been allocated into either a 1-year group or a 3-year group by dynamic randomization. 5'-DFUR was administered by an(More)
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