Tomohisa Oki

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This paper discusses a control strategy of a free- floating space robot for capturing a non-cooperative target. It is desirable that the base attitude deviation of the robot is minimized for accurate operation by a manipulator arm mounted on it, for communication with the earth, and the ideal contact with the target so that the target would not be pushed(More)
This paper addresses a time-optimal manipulator control strategy of a free-floating space robot with constraint on reaction torque induced by the manipulator motion. When a manipulator of a space robot is controlled, rotational motion of the base body is induced by the reaction torque. Assuming that reaction wheels are used to cancel the reaction and to(More)
This study addresses a time-optimal control of a free-floating space robot to stabilize a tumbling target satellite while paying attention to: 1) limitations on the grasping force and torque, 2) detumbling operation along an arbitrary arm motion, and 3) parameter uncertainty in the target satellite, by parameterizing the manipulator hand motion. The consept(More)
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