Tomohisa Nagata

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Precision measurements are important across all fields of science. In particular, optical phase measurements can be used to measure distance, position, displacement, acceleration, and optical path length. Quantum entanglement enables higher precision than would otherwise be possible. We demonstrated an optical phase measurement with an entangled four-photon(More)
The ability to filter quantum states is a key capability in quantum information science and technology, in which one-qubit filters, or polarizers, have found wide application. Filtering on the basis of entanglement requires extension to multi-qubit filters with qubit-qubit interactions. We demonstrated an optical entanglement filter that passes a pair of(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to identify the practical abilities required by nonspecialist occupational physicians and specify the priorities for training programs. METHODS A practical abilities list was developed through a focus group meeting of specialists. We created a survey questionnaire and asked three groups, namely, occupational physicians,(More)
OBJECTIVES We developed a standardized cost estimation method for occupational health (OH) services. The purpose of this study was to set reference OH services costs and to conduct OH services cost management assessments in two workplaces by comparing actual OH services costs with the reference costs. METHODS Data were obtained from retrospective analyses(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to develop a new work functioning impairment scale (WFun) and examine its validity. METHODS The WFun was developed based on the Rasch model, which consists of seven items. We conducted a pilot study (n=1,000) using an Internet investigation and a field study (n=1,294) in a manufacturing industry, and we(More)
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