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The reaction of peroxotungstates (H(2)WO(4) + H(2)O(2)) with H(2)SeO(4) gave the novel selenium-containing dinuclear tungsten species, (TBA)(2)[SeO(4){WO(O(2))(2)}(2)] (I, TBA = [(n-C(4)H(9))(4)N](+)), which was characterized by elemental analysis, IR, Raman, UV-vis, (77)Se NMR, (183)W NMR, and CSI-MS. Various kinds of homoallylic and allylic alcohols were(More)
A mixture of Pd(OAc)(2) and TBA(4)[γ-SiW(10)O(34)(H(2)O)(2)] (TBA-SiW10, TBA = [(n-C(4)H(9))(4)N](+)) showed high catalytic activities for hydration of various kinds of structurally diverse nitriles including aromatic, aliphatic, heteroaromatic, and double bond-containing ones. For hydration of 3-cyanopyridine, the turnover frequency was 860 h(-1), and the(More)
Keywords: Alexithymia Facial expressions Angry face Happy face Visual short-term memory a b s t r a c t We examined dysfunctional memory processing of facial expressions in relation to alexithymia. Individuals with high and low alexithymia, as measured by the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), participated in a visual search task (Experiment 1A) and a(More)
The dinuclear peroxotungstate with a SeO(4)(2-) ligand, (TBA)(2)[SeO(4){WO(O(2))(2)}(2)] (I; TBA = [(n-C(4)H(9))(4)N](+)), could act as an efficient homogeneous catalyst for the selective oxidation of various kinds of organic substances such as olefins, alcohols, and amines with H(2)O(2) as the sole oxidant. The turnover frequency (TOF) was as high as 210(More)
The selenium-containing dinuclear peroxotungstate, [(n-C(4)H(9))(4)N](2)[SeO(4){WO(O(2))(2)}(2)] (I), acts as a homogeneous catalyst for the selective oxidation of various kinds of cyclic mono- and disulfides with 30% aqueous H(2)O(2). The cyclic disulfides were selectively oxidized to the corresponding monosulfoxides with one equivalent of H(2)O(2) with(More)
The potentiometric titration of a γ-Keggin tetra-protonated silicodecatungstate, [γ-SiW(10)O(34)(H(2)O)(2)](4-) (H(4)·I), with TBAOH (TBA = [(n-C(4)H(9))(4)N](+)) showed inflection points at 2 and 3 equiv of TBAOH. The (1)H, (29)Si, and (183)W NMR data suggested that the in situ formation of tri-, doubly-, and monoprotonated silicodecatungstates,(More)
Three inorganic-organic-inorganic hybrids of dipalladium-substituted γ-Keggin silicodecatungstates with organic linkers of different lengths, TBA8[{(γ-H2SiW10O36Pd2)(O2C(CH2)nCO2)}2] (n = 1 (II), 3 (III), and 5 (IV), TBA = [(n-C4H9)4N](+)), were synthesized by exchange of the acetate ligands in TBA4[γ-H2SiW10O36Pd2(OAc)2] (ITBA) with malonic, glutaric, and(More)
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