Tomohiro Takiguchi

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The efficacy and cost/performance benefit of radionuclide bone scintigraphy in monitoring metastatic bone activity remain controversial. Recently developed bone metabolic markers are expected to play an additional role in the diagnosis of bone metastasis. We measured osteoclastic and osteoblastic markers in 267 patients with breast cancer (100 with bone(More)
Leinamycin (DC 107) is newly discovered antitumor antibiotic with an unusual 1,3-dioxo-1,2-dithiolane structure. Five different producing strains were isolated from soils collected in Japan during 1985-1988 and were taxonomically assigned as Streptomyces. Fermentation studies indicate: Leinamycin was unstable in culture broth. A chemically defined medium(More)
We performed transhiatal subtotal esophagectomy under laparoscopic guidance to reduce the invasiveness of subtotal esophagectomy while preserving dissectional accuracy. In six cases of advanced thoracic esophageal cancer with distant metastasis, we used a special type of handpiece of ultrasonic surgical aspirator (CUSA) for laparoscopic surgery to dissect(More)
Sentinel node (SN) biopsy is a promising replacement for standard axillary lymph node dissection for the staging of early breast cancer, and various techniques have been studied to identify SNs with dye or radioactive colloid. This study assesses the effect of the dose of radioactivity and the time before biopsy in order to set standards for the use of(More)
OBJECTIVE PET images are affected by scanner model, reconstruction conditions, injected dose, scan duration, patient health status and FDG radiopharmaceutical supply systems. The present study compares images of 40 patients using commercial and in-house FDG systems with one PET scanner (Aquiduo). METHODS The PET images were evaluated using the physical(More)
The image quality in (18)FDG PET/CT often degrades as the body size increases. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between image quality and the body size using original phantoms of variable cross-sectional areas in PET/CT. We produced five water phantoms with different cross-sectional areas. The long axis of phantom was 925 mm, and(More)
In screening actinomycetes for antitumor compounds, Streptomyces sp. DO-116 was found to produce a new antitumor antibiotic sapurimycin. It is structurally related to, but distinct from, kapurimycins. The antibiotic was produced in a fermentation medium supplemented with high porous polymer resin which adsorbs antibiotic in the culture and results in an(More)
BACKGROUND Radioguided sentinel node biopsy (SNB) of breast cancer patients has become a standard method for detecting early stage breast cancer. However, no standard radiopharmaceutical exists. METHODS 99mTc rhenium colloid or 99mTc phytate SNB was used to aid detection in breast cancer patients. For each radiopharmaceutical, 100 patients were examined.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a computer-assisted diagnosis system, BONEVAVI version 2 for bone scintigraphy, this study examined the performance of the software in patients with and without skeletal metastasis. METHODS Bone scans of various patients were analyzed by BONENAVI version 2. Patients with skeletal metastasis from prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast(More)
DNAtopoisomerases are enzymes that alter DNA conformation through a concerted breaking and rejoining of DNAstrands thereby controlling the topological state of DNA1}. Topoisomerase II has been shown to be the primary cellular target for a numberof clinically important antitumor agents with diverse and unrelated chemical structures2'3*. These antitumor(More)