Tomohiro Sonobe

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The analysis and optimization of complex systems can be reduced to mathematical problems collectively known as combinatorial optimization. Many such problems can be mapped onto ground-state search problems of the Ising model, and various artificial spin systems are now emerging as promising approaches. However, physical Ising machines have suffered from(More)
We are proposing the SPGF system, which searches places with specified geographical features all around the world, utilizing huge amounts of satellite data from archives supplied by the GEO Grid system. This work will introduce a system to search mountains similar to Mt. Fuji from all over the world. First, we built a framework called GEO Grid Spider to(More)
Fueled by the increasing popularity of online social networks, social influence analysis has attracted a great deal of research attention in the past decade. The diffusion process is often modeled using <i>influence graphs</i>, and there has been a line of research that involves algorithmic problems in influence graphs. However, the vast size of today's(More)
Literal Block Distance (LBD) is the criterion to evaluate the quality of learnt clauses and is used as a standard technique to reserve important ones in the reduction phase of state-of-the-art SAT solvers. A LBD of a clause can be updated (decreased) during the search when it is re-evaluated at the Boolean constraint propagation phase. The update is(More)
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