Tomohiro Saito

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BACKGROUND The strength of the association between brain tumors in children and residential power-frequency magnetic fields (MF) has varied in previous studies, which may be due in part to possible misclassification of MF exposure. This study aimed to examine this association in Japan by improving measurement techniques, and by extending measurement to a(More)
A left ventricular pseudoaneurysm develops when myocardial rupture is contained by the pericardium. Although left ventricular pseudoaneurysm has been a topic of discussion since the pioneering days of open heart surgery, it still remains a technical challenge in reconstructive cardiac surgery. Reoperation following pseudoaneurysm repair is also frequent. We(More)
Accurate and reliable determination of blood growth hormone level is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of short stature children. However, measured levels differed considerably among measurement kits available in Japan until 2003. Therefore, standardization of the measured values was attempted by measuring growth hormone levels in a sample of healthy(More)
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