Tomohiro Nishihara

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A new kind of sensor for measuring force in arbitrary direction to test force's value and direction with a dimension Oslash53 mm times h8.2 mm, developed for dental surgery measurement, has been proposed in this article. A four-beam structure is employed for arbitrary force test. Based on material theory the value and direction of force can be calculated by(More)
External validation of the biodegradability prediction model CATABOL was conducted using test data of 338 existing chemicals and 1123 new chemicals under the Japanese Chemical Substances Control Law. CATABOL predicts that 1089 chemicals will have a BOD < 60% while 925 (85%) actually have an observed BOD<60%. The percentage of chemicals with an observed BOD(More)
A normal-distribution-function-shaped superconducting tunnel junction (NDF-STJ) which consists of Nb/Al-AlOx/Al/Nb has been fabricated as an X-ray detector. Current voltage characteristics were measured at 0.4 K using three kinds of STJs, which have the dispersion parameters σ of 0.25, 0.45 and 0.75. These STJs showed very low subgap leakage current of(More)
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