Tomohiro Narita

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BACKGROUND Little is known as to whether or not the seven personality dimensions of Cloninger's theory, particularly the three character dimensions newly included in the theory, are independent of the states of depression. METHODS One hundred and eight patients with major depression filled out the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) before and after(More)
The present study aimed to further investigate whether the intracortical neural circuits within the primary motor cortex (M1) are modulated during ipsilateral voluntary finger movements. Single- and paired-pulse (interstimulus intervals, ISIs; 3 ms and 12 ms) transcranial magnetic stimulations of the left M1 were applied to elicit motor evoked potential(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether unilateral voluntary movement affects voluntary drive of motor imagery for the contralateral limb. METHODS The subjects were asked to maintain the left index-finger movements with different directions (abduction and adduction, 5% of maximum voluntary contraction; MVC) and with different force levels (10% and 25% MVC).(More)
The recently released REverberant Voice Enhancement and Recognition Benchmark (REVERB) challenge includes a reverberant automatic speech recognition (ASR) task. This paper describes our proposed system based on multi-channel speech enhancement preprocessing and state-of-the-art ASR techniques. For preprocessing, we propose a single-channel dereverberation(More)
Wnt proteins are thought to bind to their receptors on the cell surfaces of neighboring cells. Wnt8 likely substitutes for the dorsal determinants in Xenopus embryos to dorsalize early embryos via the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. Here, we show that Wnt8 can dorsalize Xenopus embryos working cell autonomously. Wnt8 mRNA was injected into a cleavage-stage(More)
This paper describes speaker localization and speech detection techniques for domestic environments. In real environments, it is hard to localize speakers because reverberation causes discrepancy from the simple spherical wave assumption. We propose a template-based method that calibrates the localization errors included in conventional methods. In(More)
—We propose a robust voice activity detection (VAD) based on density ratio estimation. In highly noisy environments, the likelihood ratio test (LRT) is effective. Conventional LRT estimates both speech and noise models, calculates the likelihood of each model, and uses ratios of such likelihood to detect speech. However, in LRT, the likelihood ratio of(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate the mechanism of modulation of soleus H-reflexes during sustained passive rotation of the hip joint. METHODS Healthy men participated as subjects in this study. In the supine position, soleus maximum H-reflexes were recorded during rotation of the hip joint. To examine the roles of muscle spindles, we(More)
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