Tomohiro Narita

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate the mechanism of modulation of soleus H-reflexes during sustained passive rotation of the hip joint. METHODS Healthy men participated as subjects in this study. In the supine position, soleus maximum H-reflexes were recorded during rotation of the hip joint. To examine the roles of muscle spindles, we(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known as to whether or not the seven personality dimensions of Cloninger's theory, particularly the three character dimensions newly included in the theory, are independent of the states of depression. METHODS One hundred and eight patients with major depression filled out the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) before and after(More)
BACKGROUND Cloninger's theory of personality, including 4 temperament dimensions and 3 character dimensions, is one of the most noteworthy theories in recent years. Several studies have explored temperament dimensions as a predictor of response to antidepressant treatments in major depression, but these have provided inconsistent results. The present study(More)
OBJECTIVE To make a direct comparison of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and major depression (MD) and a normal control group in terms of the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) personality dimensions. METHOD Additionally to 43 patients with primary OCD, 43 MD patients and 43 normal subjects who were matched against the OCD(More)
The present study aimed to further investigate whether the intracortical neural circuits within the primary motor cortex (M1) are modulated during ipsilateral voluntary finger movements. Single- and paired-pulse (interstimulus intervals, ISIs; 3 ms and 12 ms) transcranial magnetic stimulations of the left M1 were applied to elicit motor evoked potential(More)
The recently introduced REVERB challenge includes a reverber-ant speech recognition task. We focus on state-of-the-art ASR techniques such as discriminative training and various feature transformations including Gaussian mixture model, sub-space Gaussian mixture model, and deep neural networks, in addition to the proposed single channel dereverberation(More)
The adhesion of circulating cancer cells to the vascular endothelium is an important at step in the hematogenous metastasis of cancer. E-selectin expressed on endothelial cells and carbohydrate ligands expressed on cancer cells mediate this adhesion. We investigated the clinical significance of such cell adhesion molecules in breast cancer. The cytosol(More)
Cloninger has proposed a seven-factor psychobiological model of personality and has developed the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) to measure four temperament dimensions and three character dimensions. This theory of personality may be of great importance in developing an integrated understanding of psychosocial and biological processes underlying(More)
Adhesion of cancer cells to vascular endothelium is an important step in haematogenous metastasis of cancer. A human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line, HepG2, strongly adheres to human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) through the interaction of E-selectin and its carbohydrate ligand sialyl Lewis X. In this study, we investigated alteration in(More)
Although many clinical studies have been conducted to determine the etiological role and clinical implications of typus melancholicus for unipolar depression, maladaptive personality features in depressive patients have not been well described. This study explores typus melancholicus, as measured by the rigidity subscale of the Munich Personality Test, and(More)