Tomohiro Kobayashi

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Forming electrodes on opposite sides of an individual bismuth nanowire was attempted to prepare for Hall measurements. Although a 1-mm-long bismuth nanowire which is completely covered with a quartz template has been successfully fabricated to prevent oxidation, it is very difficult to attach Hall electrodes on the opposite sides of the nanowire due to the(More)
INTRODUCTION The development of automated detection systems for animal behaviors is increasing in value in terms of saving time, objective analysis and reducing the need for well-trained experimenters. SCLABA(®) (Noveltec Inc., Kobe, Japan) is a commercially available analysis system originally developed for analyzing scratching behaviors in rodents, based(More)
INTRODUCTION In most publications on the forced swim test studies, duration of immobility is measured during the last 4 min of the 6-min testing period as a marker for depression. However, it is not clear if 4-min span best captures antidepressant-like drug effects. In the present study, six typical antidepressants in clinical use were evaluated over time.(More)
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