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Spontaneously Diabetic Torii (SDT) rat shows severe ocular complications such as tractional retinal detachment. In the present study, effect of protein kinase C beta (PKCbeta) inhibitor JTT-010 was evaluated to clarify the involvement of PKCbeta in complications of SDT rat. SDT rats were administered JTT-010 (10 or 50 mg/kg/day) for 48 weeks. SDT rats(More)
The effects of protein-tyrosine kinase (PTK) and protein-tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) inhibitors on voltage-activated barium currents (I(Ba)) through L-type calcium channels increased by hypotonic solution were investigated in canine basilar arterial myocytes by the whole-cell patch-clamp technique. I(Ba) was elicited by depolarizing step from a holding(More)
We report herein synthesis of PKCbeta-selective inhibitors possessing the novel pharmacophore of anilino-monoindolylmaleimide. Several compounds of this series exhibited IC50's as low as 50 nM against human PKCbeta2. One of the most potent compounds, 6l, inhibited PKCbeta1 and PKCbeta2 with IC50 of 21 and 5 nM, respectively, and exhibited selectivity of(More)
The Spontaneously Diabetic Torii Lepr(fa) (SDT fatty) rat is a novel type 2 diabetic model wherein both male and female rats develop glucose and lipid abnormalities from a young age. In this study, we investigated gender differences in abnormalities and related complications in SDT fatty rats. Food intake was higher in males compared to female rats;(More)
We overviewed the pathophysiological features of diabetes and its complications in obese type 2 diabetic rat models: Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima fatty (OLETF) rat, Wistar fatty rat, Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF) rat and Spontaneously diabetic Torii (SDT) fatty rat. Pancreatic changes with progression of diabetes were classified into early changes, such as(More)
The Spontaneously Diabetic Torii-Lepr fa (SDT-fa/fa) rat is a new model of obese type 2 diabetes. The SDT-fa/fa rat shows obesity and hyperglycemia at a young age compared to the Spontaneously Diabetic Torii (SDT-+/+) rat; however, bone abnormalities in the SDT-fa/fa rat have not been investigated. The objective of the present study was to investigate the(More)
The Spontaneously Diabetic Torii-Lepr(fa) (SDT-fa/fa) rat, a new model of obese type 2 diabetes, shows obesity, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia from 6 weeks of age. Diabetic complications such as nephropathy and cataract are observed with aging; however, blood pressure change with age has not previously been examined. In this study, blood pressure was(More)
The Spontaneously Diabetic Torii (SDT) fatty rat, established by introducing the fa allele of the Zucker fatty rat into the SDT rat genome, is a new model of obese type 2 diabetes. The SDT-fa/fa (SDT fatty) rat shows overt obesity, and hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia are observed at a young age as compared with the SDT-+/+ (SDT normal) rat. However, the(More)
Spontaneously Diabetic Torii-fa/fa (SDT fatty) rat is a new model of obese type 2 diabetes. SDT fatty rat exhibits obesity associated with hyperphagia. In this study, SDT fatty rats were subjected to pair-feeding with SDT-+/+ (SDT) rats from 6 to 22 weeks of age. The ratio of visceral fat weight to subcutaneous fat weight (V/S) decreased at 12 weeks of age(More)
Obesity, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes-associated complications appear at younger ages (6-8 weeks) in the male Spontaneously Diabetic Torii-Lepr(fa) (SDT-fa/fa) rat than in the male original SDT (SDT-+/+) rat. However, the incidence and progression of diabetes mellitus and diabetic complications in the female SDT-fa/fa rat have not been(More)