Tomohiko Okayama

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This paper presents a natural sufficient condition on a class of languages under which all the unions of any number of languages from the class are learnable from positive examples (data) in the Gold-style. Learning unions of languages models information extraction from mixed data from different sources. The Gold-style learning has provided many fruitful(More)
As the molecular biology has made a rapid progress these years, there has been a great number of changes required of the methodology for maintaining and utilizing DNA sequence data. For example, annotation to sequences has become complex and extensive. DDBJ which recognized the impending requirements decided to develop a new DNA sequence database system in(More)
This paper is concerned with a sufficient condition under which a concept class is learnable in Gold’s classical model of identification in the limit from positive data. The standard principle of learning algorithms working under this model is called the MINL strategy, which is to conjecture a hypothesis representing a minimal concept among the ones(More)
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