Tomohiko Ikeuchi

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The respiratory activity of Escherichia coli K-12 was inhibited by high NaCl concentrations. The addition of compatible solutes such as proline and ectoine led to the recovery of the respiration of E. coli K-12 inhibited by 1 M NaCl to a similar extent as did the addition of glycine betaine. Glucose, an exogenous substrate for the stimulation of respiratory(More)
Salt tolerance was induced in Bacillus subtilis IFO 3025 cells when a moderate osmotic stress was imposed by incubation in the presence of compatible solutes and 0.5 M NaCl or 0.8 M sorbitol. The optimum condition for inducing salt tolerance was observed when the cells were incubated in a solution containing 5 mM glutamate, 2.5 mM KCl, and 0.5 M NaCl or 0.8(More)
We have produced micrometer-sized calcium alginate beads referred to as "bio-beads" that encapsulate plasmid DNA molecules carrying a reporter gene. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the bio-beads in mediating genetic transfection, protoplasts isolated from cultured tobacco cells (BY-2) were transfected with bio-beads containing a plasmid that carries(More)
The efficiency of bioactive-beads-mediated plant transformation was improved using DNA-lipofectin complex as the entrapped genetic material instead of naked DNA used in the conventional method. In the improved method, beads aggregated and formed clusters around the protoplasts resulting in a 4-fold higher transformation efficiency than that by the(More)
The concentration changes of the cyclic amino acid ectoine (1,4,5,6-tetrahydro-2-methyl-4-pyridine carboxylic acid) in Brevibacterium sp. JCM 6894 cells subjected to an osmotic downshock were investigated. When the cells grown in the presence of 2 M NaCl were suspended in deionized water, they immediately released about 60% of the ectoine synthesized(More)
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