Tomohiko Harada

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BACKGROUND Randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) in 220 patients with advanced colorectal cancer reported no significant differences in survival periods between folinic acid/5-fluorouracil/irinotecan (FOLFIRI) and folinic acid/5-fluorouracil/oxaliplatin (FOLFOX6) therapies, irrespective of the treatment sequence. Based on a literature search, an economic(More)
Paclitaxel(referred to hereinafter as PTX )is used in ovarian cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, and endometrial cancer with positive treatment result reports. However, severe allergic reactions such as decreases in blood pressure and impaired breathing occur with relatively high frequency. For the prevention of such allergic(More)
Inquiries through web forms and emails are becoming increasingly common. These inquiry texts usually include many informal expressions, using a colloquial style more akin to spoken language, with words omitted, causing the meaning of sentences to become ambiguous and sometimes misunderstood. In this paper, we focus on the frequently omitted noun ‘B’ in the(More)
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