Tomofumi Yoshida

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A differential detection method for three wheat viruses: Wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV), Japanese soil-borne mosaic virus (JSBWMV) and Chinese wheat mosaic virus (CWMV) using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) reaction was developed. All three primer sets, which were designed from the genome sequences of WYMV, JSBWMV(More)
The InteractiveMediaMINE team participated in the Task Mine subtask of the NTCIR-11 IMine Search Task. Our framework consists of three steps. First, we extend the query entered by the user in order to optimize the search engine. Second, we extract candidates of tasks from Yahoo! Chiebukuro with the extended search query. Here, we use the top 10 pages of the(More)
The levels and redox states of pyridine nucleotides, such as NADP(H), regulate the cellular redox homeostasis, which is crucial for photooxidative stress response in plants. However, how they are controlled is poorly understood. An Arabidopsis Nudix hydrolase, AtNUDX19, was previously identified to have NADPH hydrolytic activity in vitro, suggesting this(More)
Our paper proposes a method for extracting feature terms expressing feelings regarding the use of a product from customer reviews on e-commerce sites, based on content-based recommendation. Considering previous research indicating that negative events and impressions have a greater impact than positive ones, we define terms relating to factors over which(More)
This study reports the development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reaction for genotyping of Wx-B1. The primer sets designed from the Wx-B1a and Wx-B1b sequences of wheat functioned most efficiently at 60 °C. In the LAMP reaction performed to detect Wx-B1a, DNA was amplified from the samples of individuals homozygous or heterozygous for(More)
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