Tomofumi Nakae

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The measurement of the direction of WIMP-induced nuclear recoils is a compelling but technologically challenging strategy to provide an unambiguous signature of the detection of Galactic dark matter. Most directional detectors aim to reconstruct the dark-matter-induced nuclear recoil tracks, either in gas or solid targets. The main challenge with 1 ar X iv(More)
A new synthetic concept for obtaining unsymmetrical biaryl coupling products by an oxidative method is reported. Our synthetic strategy casts light on the reaction intermediate for switching the reactivity of 3-substituted thiophenes. On the basis of this strategy, a novel direct method for the synthesis of head-to-tail bithiophenes using hypervalent(More)
A very effective spirocyclization procedure for installing nucleophiles (Nu = N(3), NO(2), SCN, SO(2)Tol, and halogens) via iodonium(III) salts has been developed using the combination of iodoarene and mCPBA. The high-yielding syntheses of the cyclohexadienone-type spirocyclic compounds 2 having varied functionalities in the skeletons have been achieved(More)
This report details the development of a spirobiindane-based chiral hypervalent iodine reagent, especially focusing on its structural elucidation for effective asymmetric induction of the chiral spiro center during the oxidative dearomatizing spirolactonization of naphthols. In this study we synthesized a new series of ortho-functionalized spirobiindane(More)
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