Tomoaki Yoshioka

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Evaluation of the openness of the nitrogen (N) cycle in forest ecosystems is important in efforts to improve forest management because the N supply often limits primary production. The use of the oxygen isotope ratio (delta(18)O) of nitrate is a promising approach to determine how effectively atmospheric nitrate can be retained in a forest ecosystem. We(More)
Single crystals of a macrocyclic hydro-carbon, [6]cyclo-2,7-naphthyl-ene ([6]CNAP, C(60)H(36)) were prepared from anthracene melt with a prolonged time for the recrystallization. The crystal of improved quality led to the correction of the space-group assignment to Cmca from [Formula: see text] in the original determination [Nakanishi et al. (2011 ▶) Angew.(More)
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