Tomoaki Yabe

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This paper presents a configurable SRAM for low-voltage operation with constant-negative-level write buffer (CNL-WB) and level programmable wordline driver for single supply (LPWD-SS) operation. CNL-WB is suitable for compilable SRAMs and it improves write margin by featuring an automatic BL-level adjustment for configuration range of four to 512 cells/BL(More)
Low-voltage SRAM is one of the most important components of low-power mobile products, such as cell phones and mobile game machines, which often process large amounts of data. This creates demand for high-performance SRAM that supports low-voltage operation. However, ensuring the functionality and performance of SRAM is becoming more difficult because of(More)
3-O-Sulphates are the rarest substituent of heparan sulphate and are therefore ideally suited to the selective regulation of biological activities. Individual isoforms of heparan sulphate D-glucosaminyl 3-O-sulphotransferase (3-OST) exhibit sequence-specific action, which creates heparan sulphate structures with distinct biological functions. For example,(More)
The tunicamycins are archetypal nucleoside antibiotics targeting bacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis and eukaryotic protein N-glycosylation. Understanding the biosynthesis of their unusual carbon framework may lead to variants with improved selectivity. Here, we demonstrate in vitro recapitulation of key sugar-manipulating enzymes from this pathway. TunA(More)