Tomoaki Suzudo

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This paper discusses a class of 2-dimensional asynchronous cellular automata with conservation of mass, for the formation of patterns in groups. The previous study reported a methodology of searching, automatically, for pattern-forming cellular automata using a genetic algorithm; this approach successfully found a few types of pattern-forming rules. The(More)
A three-dimensional meso-scale computer model using a Monte-Carlo simulation method has been proposed to simulate the helium bubble growth in metals. The primary merit of this model is that it enables the visual comparison between the microstructure observed by the TEM imaging and those by calculations. The modeling is so simple that one can control easily(More)
Modeling the evolution of radiation-induced defects is important for finding radiation-resistant materials, which would be greatly appreciated in nuclear applications. We apply the density functional theory combined with comprehensive analyses of massive experimental database to indicate a mechanism to mitigate the effect of radiation on W crystals by(More)
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