Tomoaki Koiwa

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Audio-visual speech recognition (AVSR) is a promising approach to improve noise robustness of speech recognition in the real world. A phoneme and a viseme are used as an auditory and visual unit for AVSR, respectively. However, in the real world, they are often misclassified due to additional input noises. To solve this problem, we propose two approaches.(More)
This paper discusses an algorithm to realize the autonomous organization of a transportation network system inspired by social insects. As social insects, a group of ants show advanced performance in their activity by using a chemical substance called pheromone. Although the pheromone shows some interesting characteristics, it is difficult to use it in real(More)
Sound localization in subjects with chronic otitis media (COM) was examined before and soon after ear surgery by means of virtual sound presented by headphones, sound being synthesized based on the head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) in a normal subject. The localization ability in COM patients was usually worse than that in normal subjects, but was(More)
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