Tomoaki Kato

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Mechanisms for human memory T cell differentiation and maintenance have largely been inferred from studies of peripheral blood, though the majority of T cells are found in lymphoid and mucosal sites. We present here a multidimensional, quantitative analysis of human T cell compartmentalization and maintenance over six decades of life in blood, lymphoid, and(More)
It is unclear how the immune response in early life becomes appropriately stimulated to provide protection while also avoiding excessive activation as a result of diverse new antigens. T cells are integral to adaptive immunity; mouse studies indicate that tissue localization of T cell subsets is important for both protective immunity and immunoregulation.(More)
Expression of OsWRKY71, a rice WRKY gene, was induced by biotic elicitors and pathogen infection. It was also found that OsWRKY71 has features characteristic of a transcriptional repressor. Microarray analysis revealed that several elicitor-induced defense-related genes were upregulated in rice cells overexpressing OsWRKY71. These results indicate that the(More)
BACKGROUND Closure of the abdomen in patients undergoing intestinal transplantation can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. We describe our initial experience with abdominal wall allotransplantation to facilitate abdominal closure. METHODS We undertook nine cadaveric abdominal wall composite allograft transplants in eight patients. The graft's(More)
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