Tomoaki Jikuya

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OBJECTIVE The heparin-protamine titration method that uses the Hepcon hemostasis management system (Medtronic HemoTec Inc, Englewood, Colo) reduced blood loss in cardiac surgery in previous reports, but the mechanism is not fully understood. This study tests the hypothesis that reduced protamine administration preserves platelet function in human cardiac(More)
BACKGROUND Primary or metastatic cerebral angiosarcoma is extremely rare, and only limited cases have been reported. The authors here describe a case of angiosarcoma, which was initially identified and diagnosed by the cerebral metastatic lesion; later examinations suggested that the primary site was the abdominal aorta. CASE DESCRIPTION A 53-year-old(More)
Although an increasing incidence of upper extremity venous thrombosis (U/E-DVT) has been reported, a relative paucity of information regarding the etiologic categories, precipitating causes, and proper management for this disorder is available. To settle on a strategy for the management of U/E-DVT, retrospective analyses were performed using records from(More)
Aneurysm formation after aortic coarctation repair is not a rare complication of post-coarctation of aorta repair. We describe the case of a 43-year-old woman who had undergone repair of an isolated interruption of the aortic arch 30 years earlier, who came to our hospital with progressive chest pain, cough and dyspnea. A giant aortic aneurysm was revealed(More)
The midcalf muscles of eight patients who had peripheral arterial occlusive disease were evaluated by exercise MRI before and after bypass surgery or percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. MRI showed a high intensity of these muscles, especially the posterior muscles, after exercise in all patients before intervention. The mean T2 relaxation time was(More)
BACKGROUND In the past few years, aprotinin has been used in cardiac surgery with impressive results of reducing blood loss, but several adverse effects of aprotinin also have been reported. One of the most likely mechanisms is the inhibition of plasmin by aprotinin, although this indirect effect has not been reproduced in all experimental studies. (More)
The erythrocyte destruction rate under constant shear stress was measured to clarify species differences in red blood cell (RBC) mechanical fragility between human, bovine, and ovine cells. Blood was collected from healthy donors by venipuncture. RBC age fractionation was performed by high speed centrifugation (20 min at 12,000 g). Relatively young, middle,(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the feasibility of an intraluminal balloon occlusion technique for the control of sudden arterial disruption from cervical branches in patients with advanced malignancy. BACKGROUND A sudden disruption of large cervical arteries is a devastating complication of advanced cervical malignancy and local infection. METHODS Three patients(More)
We report a case of invasive thymoma with intracardiac extension, resulting from the progression of intracaval growth, in a 56-year-old woman. Initially, the patient received two courses of chemotherapy, but the tumor showed only a modest response; however, subsequent radiotherapy reduced the tumor size further and the intracardiac lesion disappeared,(More)