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Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is the second most common lethal head trauma after subdural hematoma and probably the most frequent cause of traumatic coma in the absence of an expanding intracranial mass lesion. Though it occurs most often in traffic accidents, it may occasionally result from falls from a height. Previously, it has not been associated with a(More)
  • T Imajo
  • The American journal of forensic medicine and…
  • 1984
The historic development and validity of drug automatism are discussed. Original articles and other publications supporting the concept do not present authenticated cases to validate the concept; therefore, it remains unproved.
In this paper, we propose a novel Social Networking Service (SNS) for a regional community. The purpose of the SNS is to support and encourage people by making them aware beneficial social relations in the real world. The conventional SNSs can hardly deal with beneficial social relations, because they are implicit and dynamic. The proposed SNS is designed(More)
  • T Imajo
  • Journal of forensic sciences
  • 1983
Five suicides by motor vehicle drivers are reported. Possible frequency of such incidents and methods for their investigation, as well as patterns and characteristics of suicidal behavior, are discussed. Published reports of suicide by motor vehicle are scarce. Proven cases should be reported by medical examiners and coroners to help establish the patterns(More)
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