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Diffuse axonal injury is a distinct form of head injury, induced by direct external forces at the time of the trauma, and not produced by secondary changes due to a primary injury. This type of lesion may be without conspicuous findings on gross brain examination, or may be found with coexisting conventional types of brain injuries. It is characterized by(More)
A case of diffuse axonal injury (DAI) by assault is reported. The majority of DAI cases documented have been due to traffic accidents and some due to falls from height. DAI is caused by angular or rotational acceleration of the victim's head. The condition is common and is the second most important head injury after subdural hematoma with regard to death.(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel Social Networking Service (SNS) for a regional community. The purpose of the SNS is to support and encourage people by making them aware beneficial social relations in the real world. The conventional SNSs can hardly deal with beneficial social relations, because they are implicit and dynamic. The proposed SNS is designed(More)
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