Tomoaki Atomi

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People sometimes experience an emotional state known as 'nostalgia', which involves experiencing predominantly positive emotions while remembering autobiographical events. Nostalgia is thought to play an important role in psychological resilience. Previous neuroimaging studies have shown involvement of memory and reward systems in such experiences. However,(More)
While bipedalism is a fundamental evolutionary adaptation thought to be essential for the development of the human brain, the erect body is always an inch or two away from falling. Although the neural mechanism for automatically detecting one's own body instability is an important consideration, there have thus far been few functional neuroimaging studies(More)
BACKGROUND During walking, the friction between the foot and the ground surface causes a free moment (FM), which influences the torsional stress on the lower extremity. However, few studies have investigated the FM during natural walking. The main aim of this study was to examine the relationship between the FM and the absolute and relative rotation angles(More)
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