Tommy Thorsen

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BACKGROUND Early diagnosis of cancer is an important challenge in general practice. Symptoms are the most common starting points. OBJECTIVE To assess the association between symptoms presented and subsequent cancer. DESIGN A cohort study of all patients seen consecutively by GPs. Prospective recording of cancer diagnosis, new cancer or new recurrence.(More)
BACKGROUND Awareness of detail in ambiguous complaints may help GPs suspect cancer when a malignancy is present. AIM To study the contribution of symptoms and patient characteristics to GPs' suspicions of cancer being present, and to what degree these suspicions were confirmed. DESIGN AND SETTING Prospective cohort study of patients in 283 rural and(More)
In cancer care, a GP's work is rarely defined clearly. Our aim was to assess GPs' work with cancer patients in France and in Norway, where the roles of the GP and the organization of the system are rather different. A questionnaire with 40 closed-ended questions about GP involvement in diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and terminal care was constructed and(More)
Between 1944 and 1947 the mortality statistics for the Danish population show an epidemic increase of liver diseases: subacute necrosis and cirrhosis. The epidemic only affected female mortality rates. Mortality due to cirrhosis remained at a higher rate for women than men until 1970 as a result of an excess mortality in the cohort of women who in 1945 were(More)
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