Tommy Kristoffersen

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The viable and non-viable fractions of the bacterial community in a 2347-year-old permafrost soil from Spitsbergen were subjected to a comprehensive investigation using culture-independent and culture-dependent methods. LIVE/DEAD BacLight staining revealed that 26% of the total number of bacterial cells were viable. Quantitatively, aerobic microcolonies,(More)
Gingival biopsy specimens from 20 patients with moderate to advanced periodontitis were obtained from inflamed sites with pockets of 5 mm or more. Sections were studied by an immunofluorescence technique, using polyclonal rabbit or goat anti-IgG, anti-IgM, anti-C1q, anti-C3a, and anti-C3c and mouse monoclonal anti-C9. Prewashed ethanol-fixed and nonwashed(More)