Tommy Johnson

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We describe "NetBouncer", an approach and set of technologies for providing practical and high-performance defenses against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The central innovation in the NetBouncer approach to filtering and mitigating DDoS attacks is the ability to distinguish legitimate traffic from illegitimate ones so as to enable the(More)
It is critical to understand WWW latency in order to design better HTTP protocols. In this paper we characterize Web response time and examine effects of proxy caching on response time. We show that at least a quarter of the total elapsed time is spent in setting up TCP connections. We also characterize the effect of a user's network bandwidth on response(More)
This study examined the effects of a nutrition and diabetes education intervention on improving hemoglobin A1C levels, diabetes self-management activities, and A1C knowledge in congregate meal recipients in senior centers in north Georgia. Participants were a convenience sample and completed a pre-test, an educational intervention, and a post-test (N = 91,(More)
A two-tier Web caching and replication system, called the INTELSAT Internet Delivery System (IDS) is discussed. Based on a Warehouse-Kiosk paradigm, IDS provides global access and Internet wormholes via a fleet of INTELSAT satellites, the largest commercial satellite communications system in the world. Web content such as cacheable HTTP, FTP and streaming(More)
We present an interesting application of network processors in the field of network security. Specifically, we report on the design and implementation of a high-speed prototype to provide packet-filtering functions to mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that target network resources. The effects of DDoS attacks are felt when network or(More)
Cheryl Marlow thanked everyone for attending the State Council meeting. This is an annual meeting which precedes the 3-day national meeting that will be held in Montgomery, Alabama, the week of September 12, 2011. This meeting gives the members an opportunity to provide input which Cheryl can take forth to the national meeting. This is Cheryl's first(More)
Low-income older adults are at increased risk of cutting back on basic needs, including food and medication. This study examined the relationship between food insecurity and cost-related medication non-adherence (CRN) in low-income Georgian older adults. The study sample includes new Older Americans Act Nutrition Program participants and waitlisted people(More)
(ABSTRACT) The QUIZIT system has been developed to support adaptive and standard testing, along with automatic grading, record keeping, and test administration using the WWW as a delivery vehicle. We have applied QUIZIT in connection with our NSF-supported Education Infrastructure project on Interactive Learning with a Digital Library in Computer Science to(More)